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How do you think doing it well looks like? Something like this?

Vision->Mission->Strategy (on the 3x3 time-horizons: 3 sprints, 3 quarters, 3 years)->Data->WSJF->Action->Results->Data>Repeat

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Good read! Thank you.

Are you using any specific framework to align and focus the whole organisation towards the current priorities?

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Hi Mohanned,

Thanks for putting this out there! Interesting read. I recognize these behaviors to some extent in myself / my team. Agree with all the things one should not do. I would love to understand how you do solve this challenge for you / your team. Do you use a framework? If so, which one? How do you assess the individual drivers in that framework? How often do you update the list (weekly, monthly, quarterly)? If you mainly use business cases, how do you make sure the assumptions in the cases are fair and as such give an objective view of the case and how do you incorporate risk (a bet might have a great upside, but small chance of succeeding)? Would love to know how you think about these things.



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@Mohannad, thank you for this article, quite intriguing. I like #2, data driven prioritization- to harness the power of data, companies need to do more.

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